The idea of cave art being the first visual communication is fascinating. Without an alphabet to communicate with, prehistoric people instead relied on symbols. Like the earliest prehistoric symbols, these modern-day equivalents transcend language boundaries. For instance, road signs and signals are largely standardised throughout the world to increase road safety. My design focuses on the concept of when people are "lost for words" and how at that point, we struggle to communicate. My design includes quotations from a wide range of different people who have been "lost for words" and these quotations are concealed between the pages of the book, which can only be "released" once the perforated pages are torn. In this act of tearing, the hidden or "lost" language is revealed. However, once torn open, the quotations are jumbled and almost illegible, to reflect the individuals struggle to communicate. The quotations are "trapped" within the confines of the structure of the book and are in danger of not being found or understood, just like the early cave paintings.

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